Our on-site food waste composting solutions can scale from household to industrial volumes.

Environmentally friendly

On-site food waste composting helps reduce loads to landfills while also adding valuable nutrients to soil.

Low energy

Our on-site food waste composting solutions use very little energy.
This is by design and helps reduce carbon footprints further.

Risk reduction

On-site food waste composting solutions enable you to be in control of your waste management system.
Composting on site reduces waste management logistic costs.

Cost effective

Our on-site food waste composting solutions are cost effective when compared to the cost of sending organic waste to a landfill.

Measurable impact

We provide dashboards to help you measure your impact.
Measurement helps you manage (and reduce) your food waste leading to food cost savings.

Reduce CO2e emissions

Composting food waste saves 235kg/tonne vs. landfilling.

Calculate Your Food Waste Composting Impact!

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We operate across Southern Africa

Our on-site food waste composting solutions have been implemented across South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique.
We are able to export within the Southern African Development Zone.

Earth Probiotic is Proudly South African
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Earth Probiotic is officially Proudly South African. All of our products are developed by ourselves in South Africa and outsourced to partner fabricators in South Africa.

We are proud to be a member of ORASA and help champion the recycling of all organics through different mechanisms in South Africa.

Our membership of IWMSA ensures that we are committed to improving waste management standards and are in compliance with waste legislation.

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