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Category: Organic gardening

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We were sitting in our garden the other evening - enjoying a glass of great South African wine - looking at our garden.

Karen has done the most amazing job. Even in Winter we've had blooms all around. And have a vibrant colony (two hives) of bees, butterflies and - for the first time - have noticed some nectar feeding ...

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The benefits of using chemical free fertilisers on your garden: the organic way. Farmers all over the world use chemical fertilisers, but many are now ...

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Winter is well and truly here. Many of us, in order to avoid boosting our contribution to load shedding, will have oil, gas or wood heaters.

During ...

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Improving rural resilience to climate change will not be about creating dependency on engineered seeds; but rather will be delving into traditional knowledge systems.

A couple of years ago we visited a shelter for abused women in Umtata, Eastern Cape. The leader of this ...

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