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Earth Day Newsletter

Earth Day Newsletter
Today is Earth Day and we are running a great competition.

Simply download our “52 Easy Things” ebook (it’s free and you don’t have to register or anything like that), post a picture of you taking action, and then into a draw to win a 4kg Bokashi Kit and a set of our Earth Factories (prize is valued at R1,170.00.
During the past lockdown we saw a surge in interest from home composters. Seems like more and more people are composting, gardening and growing their own food.

While we enjoyed the peace and quiet of a less hectic Johannesburg, we made some videos for our Earth Factory (including one made in Hermanus with Gavin's mother) which you can find here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=s5P2WpEwPiU

We love this product! It works really really well. It's been a great seller and is currently out of stock on our online store. It will be available for purchase next week.
This time of the year is always exciting for us: Autumn means leaves!  We always repost some of our thoughts on this here and also try and encourage some composting activity here.

Perhaps it’s because we’re interested in food waste (who would have thought!), but we continually see composting tips as well as tips on “what to do with …” articles in our news feed.

So what to do with “coffee grounds” (now that we are at home more,. and thus have more home consumption of this marvellous bean).

Oh, and also, great news! They’ve discovered a coffee bean which is resilient to climate change.  But it would be better if we solved the climate change issue first!

On Sunday’s we usually take our dogs for a walk to Delta Park (this is a wonderful resource and using your local park as your eco lifestyle is tip #52 in our “52 Easy Things You Can Do To Live A More Planet Friendly Life” publication) and then make a big breakfast including eggs.

So, we really loved this tip for “what to do with egg shells”: use them to feed wild birds (amongst other things).

We have formalised our new distribution relationship with Ball Straathof. We are so happy to have so many new retail outlets selling our Earth Bokashi and bins. Please visit our outlet list to find an outlet near you. We now have distribution in Nelspruit, Upington, Kroonstad, Port Elizabeth and even Polokwane!

We have launched a food waste collection subscription service for Moodie Hill, Parkmore and Morningside. You can find out more on our webpage.

Some good and uplifting news:
  1. Russian Scientists have successfully regenerated a 32,000 year old plant.
  2. A “puggle” is probably the cutest baby of anything ever.
  3. After being closed under Trump, the Environmental Protection Agency's climate change is now live again. You can access it here.
  4. The South African made “My Octopus Teacher” (which we loved) won Best Documentary at the BAFTA awards and is inline for an Oscar. The producers of the film have now launched a nature based free (yes, free) streaming network called WaterBear.
  5. An extinct bird has been found to be not-extinct.
As always thank you for supporting the environment and out business.

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