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On Site Food Waste Composting

Since 2010 we've been ramping up our solutions to recycling food waste. In 2010 we started selling bokashi buckets. Today we manufacturer a variety of composting machines which can scale to industrial scale food waste volumes.

All are developed and manufactured in South Africa.

The Earth Cycler has taken three years to bring to market. Our objectives in developing this machine were:
  • Make it robust - we want this machine to live everywhere and anywhere.
  • Make it simple - with basic training anyone should be able to operate an Earth Cycler.
  • Make it small - well not quite, but it needs to fit into, at most, a car parking space.
  • Make it efficient - minimise power requirements (no added heat or air which are energy guzzlers).
And of course, ensure that it just works.

Our first unit was installed in Zambia and we have another nearing completion to go to Mozambique.

Earth Cycler food waste composting machine installed in Zambia

The Earth Cycler measures inputs and outputs so that (a) food waste volumes can be measured and therefore reduced, (b) waste inputs measurement enable compliance with C:N composting ratios, c) these weights enable us to calculate emissions savings.

Composting sea food in Earth Cycler IVC

All food waste from the kitchen is processed (including fish, bones, dairy, cooked food, egg shells and cartons) as well as manures, garden waste and waste paper/board.

The Earth Cycler consumes a maximum of 30kWh/month and is thus suitable for energy constrained environments. This low power utilisation also means that it can be connected to off-grid energy systems through an inverter.

In remote bush locations food waste is a major environmental issue. Food waste attracts animal scavengers which are a potential safety hazard for guests. But moreover, rotting contaminated food waste can pollute water sources as well as threaten wildlife health.

The Earth Cycler is a cost effective easy to use composting system for any, and all, entities looking to manage food waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

The Earth Cycler on-site food waste management solution has multiple advantages:

  • Eliminate the carbon footprint associated with moving waste to a landfill site (or centralised processing facility).
  • Manage what you measure - the ultimate goal is to reduce food waste. By measuring inputs the Earth Cycler provides an insight into food waste volumes. We have measured a reduction of 4% in food waste volumes through measurement awareness.
  • Take control of your food waste and eliminate risk. The on-site solution ensures that no 3rd party issues impact on your putrescible waste problem.
  • Manage costs. Food waste can represent up to 60% of your general waste volume. Composting this on-site eliminates this cost and high waste inflation risks.

For additional information on this food waste composting solution please email us.


(t) +27 76 581 3087 or +27 72 089 8386