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can i feed bokashi to earthworms

Can I feed the fermented contents of my bin to my worms?

Yes indeed, and they love it!
It's very important that you don't add all the contents to your bin all at once. Worms, especially the Red Wiggler, are tolerant of low pH (acidic) environments. But you need to make sure they get used to the bokashi fermented food first.
Start off by adding a few spoons of the fermented food waste to a corner of the worm bin. The worms initially will not like it as the fermented food waste is acidic, however after about 5 days as the ph level rises, they will move in with gusto!
Once they've moved into that waste, add some more fermented food-waste to the opposite corner. Gradually the worms will get used to their new diet. And then you can add more bokashi fermented food.
When adding fermented food to a worm bin the food needs to be fully fermented so it doesn't rot. Also it should have a good quantity of bokashi - bokashi is full of beneficial microbes which are loved by worms.
The worm casings and tea are even more nutrient rich when the worms are fed a Bokashi diet.
The real benefit of feeding bokashi fermented food waste to your worms is that they are able to process it much much faster (one of our com posters indicated that this could be 10x faster).
The reason for this is that tyne bokashi fermented food waste is pre-digested. And thus easier for them to process.

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