New Regulations

“The Western Cape Government has instructed all organic waste generators to divert 50% of their organic waste away from landfills by 2022, and 100% by 2027.”

Management Plans

The new regulations require any business that generates organic waste to submit an “integrated waste management plan” outlining how they will reduce (and eliminate) organic waste going to landfill.

Landfilling Costs

As part of the plan to eliminate organic wast to landfill, the cost of landfilling is rising (and will continue to be more and more expensive).

Onsite solutions to help you with your food waste management solution


Scalable Solutions

Solutions which can process as little as 100kg food waste per month using Earth Bokashi . The Earth Cycler will do up to 10,000kg per month (with the smaller unit processing up to 5,000kg). Depending on the size of the unit, theIVC can scale from 20,000kg/month to 60,000kg.month.

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Track Record

Since 2010, Earth Probiotic has been developing food waste solutions for South Africa, in South Africa.

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100% South African

All of our solutions are developed and manufactured in South Africa.
Our microbes are indigenous and part of a bespoke microbe mix specifically development to manage and compost food waste.

Earth Bokashi commercial food waste recycling bins

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Bokashi composting is great for small commercial kitchens and canteens generating volumes up to 1,500kg per month.
Available in 50L or 100L bins the bokashi fermentation keeps your kitchen clean, vermin and odour free.

  • Food waste ferments and does not rot.
  • Closed system so no fly or vermin infestations.
  • If a collection service is required, costs can be reduced by reducing upliftment frequency (no rotting so no smells).

Calculate your Earth Bokashi solution requirement?

.0 kg food waste per month
[meals] * 0.08
kg Earth Bokashi Required per Month
[meals] * 0.08 * 0.04
x 50L bins required
( [meals] * 0.08 ) / 4 / 40 * 3

Earth Cycler In-Vessel Composting Machine

  • The Earth Cycler comes in two versions: the smaller Cycler can process up to 5,000kg of waste per month, and the 10 tonne unit will process up to 10,000kg per month including carbon component: wood chips, saw dust, waste cardboard/paper.
  • This is a flow through system with a very small footprint (fits into a car parking space).
  • Energy consumption is very low at about 3kW per day.
  • The Earth Cycler measures inputs and output weights as well as compost temperature.
  • All functions are controlled through a touch pad on the composter or via a mobile phone.
  • A data link enables the Earth Cycler to be remotely managed and receive over-the-air software updates.
  • The Earth Cycler measures, in real time, waste input and outputs. This data is readily available in .csv format directly from the machine or via online dashboards.

Earth Cyclers have been installed at Northgate Mall, Menlyn Mall, Discovery (Sandton), Philip Morris International, Standard Bank, FNB (Randburg), Kusile Power Station, Xigera Safari Lodge (Botswana), and Selinda Safari Lodge (Botswana). A brochure is available here.

heron In-Vessel Composting Machine

  • Depending on model, the heron IVC can process up to 60,000kg per month.
    • 18m3 unit will process up to 30,000kg
    • 24m3 unit will process up to 45,000kg
    • bespoke larger units are processing up to 60,000kg per month.
  • This in-vessel composter is fully automated and can be connected to remote access and building management (BMS) systems.

These composting machines have been installed at Emperors Palace, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Sandton City, the Lifestyle Garden Centre, Liberty Midlands Mall, Canal Walk and the Waterfall Estate in Johannesburg. A brochure is available here.