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All Earth Probiotic products are officially Proudly South African. We believe that we are all responsible in growing employment, transferring skills and, as is our nature, innovating to make a difference to our country.

Earth Bokashi Food Waste Recycling Products

Earth Bokashi food waste recycling bins

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Our Earth Bokashi bins are 25L in size and are made from recycled plastic.

  • bins include internal strainer.
  • robust tap to drain bokashi juice.
  • seal tightly.
  • can hold up to 18kg of food waste.

Earth Bokashi

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How to "bokashi" your food waste

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Earth Bokashi is made with indigenous South African microorganisms. Earth Bokashi contains a balanced mix of nitrogen and carbon rich material to assist in the final composting of your food waste.

Earth Bokashi 2kg bags are 100% compostable.

Composting & Gardening Products

Earth Composting Bag

Easy to use composting bag for small households

Many people told us that they didn’t have the space to compost.

So we made a bag!

The Earth Bag is made from upcycled billboard vinyls and, like the Earth Garden, is a waste reduction and employment creation initiative.

These bags are made to our design by Waste2Wow in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Download instructions on how to use the Earth Bag.

Earth Factory

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Not everyone has the space to compost or trench their Earth Bokashi fermented food waste.

Using our Earth Factory you can easily process your food waste back to soil.

This is a very easy, no hassle way of recycling your food waste: add a soil mix to the bottom of the Earth Factory, add your bokashi food waste to the top of that layer and mix with additional soil, top off the middle mix with soil, zip close, leave for around 8 weeks, harvest.

Benefiial Microbe Liquid Products

Our probiotic treatments are fully biodegradable and non toxic. Reducing your use of chemicals and repopulating your home with beneficial micro-organisms helps keep your home healthy.

Compost, Soil and Plant Health Booster

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Your soil, compost and plants depend on a beneficial biological system.

Our Compost, Soil and Plant Health Booster adds beneficial micro-organisms to your soil to boost soil and plant health.

In composting, these bacteria assist in the decomposition of organic material and increase the availability of mineral nutrients and organic compounds to plants.

Drains and Septic Tanks Treatment

all natural septic tank and drain treatment

Your drains and septic tank depend on a healthy population of beneficial bacteria.

The bacteria in our Drains & Septic Tank treatments populate their environment to keep the system clog and odour free.