Food Waste Challenges in Hotels, Lodges and Resorts.

Regulatory Compliance

Authorities are now looking, as has happened in France and various States in the USA, to ban food waste from landfill. What will be your strategy going forward?

Rising Costs

Waste management costs are exceeding inflation due to three key factors: (a) gate fees increase as landfills near end of life, (b) labour costs increase due to minimum wage legislation, (c) machinery costs are increasing exponentially as the South African Rand weakens against major currencies.

Managing Risks

Just when we think that nothing will go wrong, something always does. Food waste rots. And when it does it smells, and attracts flies and rats. So when there is a labour strike, or a road becomes unusable or there is a breakdown, what will happen to your food waste?

Environmental Responsibility

The lodge/resort industry relies on a pristine environment. Guests are now asking tougher questions: what is happening with your waste? What is your environmental policy? Food waste recycling can be one pillar of a responsible environmental policy.

Wildlife Health

Food waste when not properly managed or dumped into a food pit attracts animals. The animals, a baboon or a honey badger or a hyaena, can become dependant on this waste but also can be sickened by the pathogens growing on this waste.

Guest & Staff Safey

Not all scavengers are cute and cuddly. Animals roaming a lodge or resort represent a safety risk. They can bite. And often they do!

Earth Probiotic's onsite solutions can scale from the waste generated by a self-catering guest tent, all the way up to a super luxury lodge or hotel. You can download our brochure from this link.

Earth Bokashi commercial food waste recycling bins

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Bokashi composting is great for small commercial kitchens and canteens generating volumes up to 1,500kg per month.
Available in 50L or 100L bins the bokashi fermentation keeps your kitchen clean, vermin and odour free.

  • Food waste ferments and does not rot.
  • Closed system so no fly or vermin infestations.
  • If a collection service is required, costs can be reduced by reducing upliftment frequency (no rotting so no smells).

Calculate your Earth Bokashi solution requirement?

.0 kg food waste per month
[meals] * 0.08
kg Earth Bokashi Required per Month
[meals] * 0.08 * 0.04
x 50L bins required
( [meals] * 0.08 ) / 4 / 40 * 3

Earth Cycler In-Vessel Composting Machine

  • The Earth Cycler easily handles up to 5,000kg of food waste per month (including carbon component: wood chips, saw dust, waste cardboard/paper).
  • This is a flow through system with a very small footprint (fits into a car parking space).
  • Energy consumption is very low at 100kWh per month.
  • The Earth Cycler measures inputs and output weights as well as compost temperature.
  • All functions are controlled through a touch pad on the composter or via a mobile phone.
  • A data link enables the Earth Cycler to be remotely managed and receive over-the-air software updates as well as feed data to online dashboards.

In addition to commercial sites in South Africa, Earth Cyclers have been installed in Botswana (Chobe, Okavango), Zambia and Mozambique. A brochure is available here.

The below video on Xigera Safari Lodge's sustainability programme includes a brief overview of the Earth Cycler at the Lodge.

  • Great Plains Conservation
  • Earth Cycler - Selinda concession (Okavango, Botswana)
  • Earth Cycler - Selinda Concession (Okavango, Botswana)
  • 3 Seater Flight Back From Xigera (Okavango, Botswana)
  • Earth Cycler - Xigera Lodge (Okavango, Botswana)
  • Earth Cycler Installation (Xigera, Botswana)