Our food waste collection service has some terms and conditions (yes, sorry). But they are really simple:

  1. If you are not happy with the service or are moving home simply cancel your subscription through Payfast. Please let us know by emailing us, and leave your bin outside for collection on the normal designated collection day.
  2. The bins are yours to use but are not yours to own. Legally, you not owning these bins enables us to swap them out once a month with a clean and sanitised replacement bin.
  3. We will collect your bin from your home once per month on a Monday ONLY. If you want your bin collected more frequently or on a special day we can make arrangements to do so at an additional cost. Just email bokashi@earthprobiotic.com.
  4. Normal wear and tear excepted, Earth Bokashi bins that are damaged due to a lack of care will be replaced at a cost of R190.00.
  5. Bokashi food waste recycling is simple to understand and easy to do. There are only three rules to bokashi composting: food waste only, add bokashi, keep bin closed. If these simple instructions are not followed the food waste in your bin will rot and stink. To dispose of your rotted non-compostable bin contents we will charge you an additional fee of R170.00 (one month extra fee).
  6. We reserve the right to discontinue your service should we find that you are routinely not following the Earth Bokashi process and are thus providing us with a rotten stinky bin.
  7. Whilst we commit to collecting your full bin once every month this can be delayed due to matters beyond our control such as labour action, full lockdown. We will always inform you should such a situation occur and advise you on what to do with your full Earth Bokashi bin.
By clicking on the "Subscribe Now" button you agree to the terms and conditions as outlined.

Your subscription and payments are managed by PayFast (South Africa’s leading secure payment processing facility). You can cancel your subscription anytime. Clicking on the button above will take you to Payfast’s payment gateway (for security reasons your financial details are not stored on this site).
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